Vasectomy - Facts and Information

For men who have fathered children and are certain that they do not want to conceive any more, a vasectomy is a usually a permanent method of birth control that prevents the release of sperm when a man ejaculates. The procedure is done on an outpatient basis and it is recommended that you have a vasectomy performed by a highly trained urologist for the best results.

How the Vasectomy is Performed

Dr. Lerner uses the no scalpel technique to perform your vasectomy. Dr. Lerner was the first surgeon in Baltimore to perform the no scalpel procedure dating back to 1992. This technique provides a quicker surgery with fewer complications.

The no scalpel technique involves making a small opening (no incisions) in the center of your scrotum. Dr. Lerner then removes a small segment of the vas deferens and seals the ends of the tubes using electrocautery and small, absorbable sutures.  

After the vasectomy, additional live sperm will no longer be able to travel through the vas deferens to be part of the semen. However, you will not be sterile the day you have your vasectomy performed because live sperm remaining in the vas deferens need to be cleared out.

What to Expect

Following your vasectomy, it is important to use some type of birth control until a semen specimen is checked to confirm that no sperm are present.  This typically takes at least 15 ejaculations or up to three months after the vasectomy.   Dr. Lerner will order a follow up semen analysis to make certain no sperm are present. Once your sperm count is zero, it is safe to resume sexual intercourse with no other birth control method necessary.

Advantages of a Vasectomy

  • A safe, effective and permanent method of birth control
  • 99.85% effective as a birth control method
  • A vasectomy will not interfere with your sex drive, ability to have erections, sensation of orgasm, or ability to ejaculate.
  • Vasectomy can be reversed in many cases by a highly skilled microsurgeon specially trained in vasectomy reversal.

Disadvantages of Vasectomy

  • A vasectomy does not protect against sexually transmitted diseases. When having sexual relations with multiple partners, it is recommended that condoms are used to protect against sexually transmitted diseases.

For men who have had a vasectomy but find themselves in a life situation where they wish to conceive another child naturally, vasectomy reversal is a procedure performed by highly specialized and fellowship-trained urologists such as Dr. Brad Lerner. Learn more about microsurgical vasectomy reversal here