Vasectomy Reversal Vs. In Vitro Fertilization and Other Reproductive Technologies

Navigating through the complex process of infertility and trying to conceive a child brings about many questions about options that can leave many couples downright confused. Sometimes, when couples consult a fertility center or receive a referral through the wife's OB/Gyn, they are guided to consider In Vitro Fertilization first, instead of vasectomy reversal. Especially when the female has no infertility issues, it is important for couples to understand the option of vasectomy reversal, if the male partner has indeed had a vasectomy in the past.  Not only is vasectomy reversal considerably less costly than IVF, it also saves a couple time and energy and can provide the most natural and joyful way to conceive a child.  Studies have shown that the cost of having a child through IVF typically is two to three times more expensive than vasectomy reversal.

Not only is it less costly, there's a higher pregnancy rate in couples who've had a vasectomy reversal and go on to conceive naturally vs. couples who go straight to IVF. 

In rare cases, couples may need to advance from a vasectomy reversal to in vitro fertilization (IVF) or other reproductive technologies; however, Dr. Lerner's goal is to do whatever he can to help you achieve your dream of conceiving a child naturally.